Pipe Notebook

Your pipe smoking companion

Crafted by pipe smokers, for pipe smokers, while smoking a pipe

Pipe Notebook was conceived out of passion for pipe smoking, and the desire to better keep track of our personal collections and experiences.

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Made to work offline!

Wherever you and your pipe may be, take Pipe Notebook with you.


Upload tobacco images

Pipe Notebook gathers data from multiple sources, most importantly from its own users - you! Let's build a comprehensive dataset together.

Extensive information

See tobacco description, composition, images, links to TobaccoReviews and much more. We provide as much information as we can get our hands on.

Influence the app's development

Pipe Notebook is a brand new app, and is under active development. It was created by pipe smokers who were looking for such an app and couldn't find one that met their needs. We're eager to hear your feedback and make Pipe Notebook even more useful for you.

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iPhone app in the works.

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